Out of the Box Wall Hanging

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This graphic modern quilt combines improvisational and clearly defined piecing.  The improvisationally pieced center bursts with colors and movement. Bold colors and straight line quilting accents the illusion of three dimensions.

Measurements: 21 1/2" x 31"

Design:  Sweet Waddy Jane Originals

Materials:  100% cotton fabric and batting

This quilt does not have a quilt hanging sleeve.

*A quilt hanging sleeve is often hand sewn on to the top of the back of a wall quilt.  A rod is inserted into the sleeve and evenly distributes the weight of the quilt as it hangs. If you would like me to add a sleeve on to a wall hanging, you need to order one and allow for 1 - 2 additional weeks for delivery.  Search for Quilt Hanging Sleeve or scroll down to the bottom of this collection.