Spring is on its Way!

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There are eight baby chicks in the basement, so spring must be right around the corner.  The daffodils are peeking up, there is mud everywhere, and the temperatures are closer to 50 than 30.  I hope you are seeing signs that winter is coming to an end in your neck of the woods.
Here are some things to start looking for on the site.  I continue to create on a daily basis, so as things get finished, I will post them in their Shops.  Look for more art and pin cushion gourds as well as baby and throw quilts during the next few weeks.  Since I am now a business, I have received my wholesale license and am purchasing my crafty materials from distributors.  As you may guess, they have minimum purchase requirements and I now have a surplus of resources.  So, the Destash Shop is starting to fill up with new fabric and bundles.  In addition, all that new stuff has to go somewhere, so I’m also clearing out books, tools, and fiber I no longer need.   There are some real bargains in the Destash Shop.

In the future, I’ll use this blog spot to keep you up-to-date on my crafty endeavors. I hope to provide an entertaining insight to gourding, quilting, and gardening on the farm. Occasionally, there will be a tutorial on something I make, and maybe some kits and supplies so that you can try out some crafty things.

It’s my birthday month, so be sure you keep an eye on your email for a discount on the big day.  Haven’t signed up yet?  There’s a spot to provide your info on the bottom of the Home Page.  

Thanks for supporting Sweet Waddy Jane.  Many of you have shared my work with friends and family, and I really appreciate it.

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