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Sweet Waddy Jane was born at a weaving retreat in 2015.  My friends and I are from the James Taylor, Sweet Baby James era, and I just couldn’t get the song out of my head.  La, la, la, and rockabye Sweet Waddy Jane.  Fast forward to 2020 and a visit to the Shelby County Farmer’s Market.  There was plenty of space at the market for a crafter wanting to see if anyone was interested in what she made, and if she actually liked selling her wares.  Well, three things happened: I met wonderful new people, my gourds and masks sold like crazy, and I had the opportunity to give back to local charities.  As the market closed for the year, and people kept asking for gourds, gifts, masks, and crafted cards, it was time to join the online community.  It’s taken a while, and the learning curve was steep, but you can now visit Sweet Waddy Jane 24/7...without a mask.

There are a lot of hours in a day when the kids are grown and there is no longer a daily commute to work.  I try to create, savor, play, learn, and giggle through as many of those hours as I can manage. Carpe Diem.  I look forward to many adventures!

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